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Horace has signed up to go on an international trip with his local scout district. In the meantime he has much to do including generating some extra income so that he can build up his collection of penknives. He thinks that he has found the ideal solution but, as usual, things do not go as planned.

Once the trip is underway, Horace decides that he is going to pay a visit to Portugal’s premier music event which just happens to be on his campsite’s doorstep. Once again, events do not go as expected and Horace finds himself in a situation that even he could not have ever imagined in his wildest dreams.

Matters then go from bad to worse, but when he throws the campsite into a nocturnal meltdown it looks as though an early bath is the least of his worries, but eventually Horace, in having tried to do his best, ends up somewhere which even he would not have expected.

John Hemming-Clark writes: Whilst writing the nine book “The Adventures of Horace Horrise” series I went with a load of scouts from my local district to Portugal. Usually a weekend camp with a dozen young people will throw up one or two ideas so a week in the summer sun with two hundred young people and leaders was going to mean that my notebook was nearly always in use. From the boy who brought his pet rabbit along in his rucksack without anyone knowing to the girl who wondered what sun cream tasted like so decided to find out, passing on the way the individual who pulled out a plug to covertly charge up their ’phone overnight not realising that the plug belonged to the main camp freezer so we all had to have burgers and ice cream for breakfast and then cook everything else before refreezing, the trip was a source of enough material to fill several stories and not just this one.

After I returned from Portugal I went on a family holiday and sat and wrote “Horace Horrise goes to Portugal”. Having written it I had to publish it! It is intended as a stand-alone story, still with the characters that you meet in The Adventures of Horace Horrise, but in addition to, and not part of, that series. Once all nine of the Adventure books are published I will incorporate “Horace Horrise goes to Portugal” into a new “The Further Adventures of Horace Horrise” paperback but for now it will be available as a download only.

I hope that you enjoy it!