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The Further Adventures of Horace Horrise comprises four stories in one book.


Horace Horrise is the UK's funniest, liveliest and naughtiest young person with adventures for adults and teenagers about him and his ever-so-slightly dysfunctional family and friends.

The Further Adventures of Horace Horrise comprises four fabulous stories...

Horace Horrise and the Germans
Karen Horrise feels that she needs to start doing her best in the community and signs up to help out with the local town twinning.
The Germans arrive on a week's visit but Horace and his pals are out in force with their own programme to give them a time that they will never forget.

Horace Horrise and the Carinavirus
What Horace anticipated was going to be a pleasant few hours in the sole company of one of his best friends takes an unexpected turn when the pair bump into another of the gang. Over lunch Melanie's behaviour shows signs of a certain lack of maturity which is brought to a head when Sonny takes the three of them on an errand.
Inadvertently they add to tensions surrounding a global health emergency but they soon realise that they are able to use it to their advantage.
However the day does not end well for all concerned with coronavirus at large.

Horace Horrise and the Old Lady
Horace is dismayed that he hasn't been able to do any good deeds of late when, like buses, three opportunities come along almost at once - a cat stuck up a tree, an injured pigeon and a disorientated old lady.
Horace and his friends are more than up for the restitutive challenges but their attempts to do their best are somewhat thrown off course by the wayward Sonny who, as ever, seeks to look after himself first.

Horace Horrise goes to Portugal
Horace has signed up to go on an international trip with his local scout district. In the meantime he has much to do including generating some extra income so that he can build up his collection of penknives. He thinks that he has found the ideal solution but, as usual, things do not go as planned.
Once the trip is underway, Horace decides that he is going to pay a visit to Portugal’s premier music event which just happens to be on his campsite’s doorstep. Once again, events do not go as expected and Horace finds himself in a situation that even he could not have ever imagined in his wildest dreams.
Matters go from bad to worse, but when he throws the campsite into a nocturnal meltdown it looks as though an early bath is the least of his worries, but eventually Horace, in having tried to do his best, ends up somewhere which even he would never have expected.

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