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Looking for a truly unique birthday gift?

Put your birthday friend amongst the famous people who share their special day!

Everyone loves to know which famous people share their birthday - now you can include them for your chosen day in a fabulous certificate.

Personalised Birthday Certificates: About


1. Go to

2. Choose framed or unframed certificate.

3. In the "To personalise" box let us know:

a. Name of recipient

b. Their date of birth (day, month, year)

c. Text (up to 50 words). Be as outlandish / outrageous as you like!

For example:

Jane Smith

1st March 1970

Jane Smith, a fabulous and faithful friend who forgot to go to the gym on her birthday and every other day for the past ten years.

4. Pay

Within seven days you will receive your Personalised Birthday Certificate that will be printed for your chosen day with the details of famous people from history and the present day who share the same birthday with your friend's details included.

Personalised Birthday Certificates: Text
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