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"May it touch many lives!" Laura Maxwell, ex-spiritist

"Brilliant. I cannot put this book down. Really enjoying it. Easy to read, yet challenging." Amazon review


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"Why are we here?"

"What's it all about?"

Two of the questions most of us ask, probably more than once - maybe many times, in our lives, and there it often ends. Yet the questions remain and we continue through life wondering, but unsatisfied and discontent. However, if we are determined to find some answers, we need to start searching. We may doubt if it is actually possible to get anywhere. Is life just a complete accident and there are, in fact, no answers? When we close our eyes for the last time - is that it?

There are answers!

Transformative Testimonies includes first-hand, true encounters that people, in their own words, mostly alive today, have experienced when digging deeper. It will help you on your search or inspire and encourage you if you're already on the journey.

This book may change your life; if you want it to - it will.

Publication date: 11th November 2023


Amy's story

From a traumatic childhood and miserable young adulthood Amy contacted a friend from years ago who helped to give her hope. She then began to have supernatural dreams in which Jesus appeared to her.

Bernard's story

Bernard was so caught up in war in Sudan that he came to the conclusion that life wasn't worth living. As he was thinking about how he could take his life he heard a song coming from a chapel and life was never the same again.

Carole's story

Having parted company with God, medical issues brought Carole back to the church years later. God intervened to give her a longer life.

Charles' story

One man's remark that a teenage Charles overheard led to Jesus without him being freaked out.

Charmaine's story

From apartheid in South Africa and a teenage ambivalence toward God that saw Charmaine walk away from Him, a priest's praying for her after a medical issue manifested itself gave her the light of hope in her tunnel of despair followed by God's presence in her kitchen.

Ernie’s story

A heart attack helped focus Ernie's thinking; that led him to experience Jesus, the like of which he has not had since and a peace that he had never had before.

Helen's story

Raised in a Jewish family, famous singer Helen's New Age beliefs and interactions vanished overnight. A colleague, a book and much research led her to Jesus.

Howard's story

Howard's work as a cosmologist, his mother's deathbed smile and a father's revelation brought him back to Jesus.

Jim's story

Former professional motorcycle racer Jim became a Christian and within one year witnessed God's healing at work in another person's life though prayer.

John's story

Jesus' conversation from the cross reduced sawmill worker John to floods of tears twice - then a prayer that he prayed resulted in a sensation that left him in no doubt that he had just met with God.

Kevin's story

From a horrific cult via body-building, steroids, ecstasy (counterfeit Holy Spirit) and more drugs to jail where eternity dropped on him. Kevin was transformed and now leads others through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Laura's story

Laura spoke with spirits and became a spiritualist but things didn't go well, then they went from bad to worse; she prayed to Jesus and the spirits disappeared, following that she received deliverance and her life changed as a result, rescuing her from a deep, dark pit. Jesus has truly done a work of transformation in her life.

Liam's story

Liam fell so low but Jesus lifted him up high.

Lisa's story

Ten-year-old Lisa suffered immeasurable pain following her parents' breakup but she had been noticed sitting behind a pillar in a church; the reason for her searching was a gift of God to her. She is now a new creation.

Mandy's story

Brought up in the Sikh religion, Mandy wasn't looking for Jesus but He revealed Himself to her during a period of turmoil in her life.

Marion's story

Conversion - a continuing journey.

Paul's story

Anxiety and depression dogged Paul's teenage years but Christian friends at university helped him to find someone to look to outside of himself to serve and learn from.

Pip's story

Pip had a tumour in his bowel but felt like a bystander. A miraculous recovery followed.

Robin's story

"…creator of the rolling spheres, ineffably sublime."

Steve's story

Step by step Steve became more and more taken over by the lure of pornography until God had had enough. After a very painful period that followed he returned to full spiritual and physical health.

Tom's story

Struggling and on antidepressants, Tom managed to make it to a church service then his world changed.

Tony's story

Career-criminal Tony found himself in the midst of witchcraft in the Peruvian jungle that he had travelled to looking for redemption and a truth to set him free; what he found through taking ayahuasca was a whole lot worse. Eventually he found the Truth and that did set him free.


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