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Going away on camp for the first time might initially seem to be a daunting experience for most young people. They are wrapped up in cotton wool from the day they are born until they finally leave home when they are, most likely, adults. Surely they are not going to survive on a week’s camp when there is no one to do their washing up, tidying up or laundry? No one is going to cook their food for them or tuck them up in bed. It’s all down to them.

But they do survive. And some of them survive rather too well, with the minimum of fuss and effort.

Then comes the letter home.

Unused to writing letters, they are usually keen to tell their parents or other relatives everything that is going on. They don’t cogitate, ponder or think beforehand. They just write. And when they write they put a child’s thoughts and feelings into an adult world. Uncensored and unstructured, these letters home can delight, infuriate and bewilder their recipients. They are often priceless works of literature to treasure forever.

Letters Home from Scout and Guide Camp includes extracts from one hundred of the best which will make you gasp, chortle, laugh and maybe even cry.

Dear mum

Cindy has brought her cat on camp and [guide leader] doesn’t know. She stuck it in our tent (six girls plus Cobweb - that’s the cat’s name) but she hadn’t brought any food for it. She said that she’ll just give it what we eat because cats are carnifores. Last night Cindy fed it with the leftovers from our chilli con carney and Daisy smuggled in some strawberry ice cream and in the night Cobweb was really sick all over Lucy’s sleeping bag with Lucy in it. This morning Lucy told [guide leader] but didn’t say it was Cobweb. Now Cindy’s been sent to the sick bay and Cobweb’s run away.

Love from Melissa xxx


Dear mum

Derek’s been arrested. We went to the supermarket today to get food for our backwoods cooking competition. When we were at the check out Derek fainted. [Leader] took off Derek’s beanie and underneath he found a frozen chicken.

Love Mark x



"Brilliant! So funny and as a parent and leader you can relate so well to the scenarios." Amazon review


They're back! More wonderful tales of what really goes on on camp that sometimes only the letter writer knows about.

Following on from Letters Homes from Scout and Guide Camp, this new edition More Letters... includes some longer letters that are every bit as funny as the first, if not more so, as the young people take us with them on their experiences at mostly international camps in the United Kingdom where there's plenty of time to do what scouts and guides do best - have fun free from the shackles of school and studies.


Stop telling me all the great things you've been up to whilst I'm away. I'm having a good time too but I would rather be eating at a round table in The Ivy than round a campfire in the undergrowth.

Rachel x (More kisses next time)


Dear mum and dad

We had a visit from a policeman and a policewoman today but I think it's okay. Zac and I got a bit lost and we were walking back past the staff bar when they came round the corner from the car park and asked for directions. Zac said to them that he thought that that was their job but they said that they were new and they were on an important assignment but it was a bit odd because the policewoman had orange handcuffs and they were fluffy like maybe they were for a child. Then the policepeople went into the staff bar and all the lights went out and then there was loads of screaming but not like someone's been arrested and we ran away so we don't know what happened but Bomber hasn't said anything.

Love from Mark


Dear mum

Don't be cross but I brought your negligee to camp, the one that daddy bought you in France and which makes him purr. I put it on last night and went into the mess tent for hot chocolate but no one purred and Skip said that I should go and put a fleece over the top until I was in my tent. I told him there was no point wearing it if I was just in my tent but I went to get a fleece anyway but the negligee is quite long on me and I caught it on a metal tent peg and now it has a rip all down one side. I went back in the mess tent with my fleece over me but when Skip looked at me he shut his eyes and told me to go and put some jogging bottoms on as well so I don't know why I bothered. Please don't tell dad. Please don't be cross. I'm still learning about love and I don't think that I'm there yet.

Love from Katie



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