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As the scout was pulled burning hot...

When I first became a scout leader I had a conversation with a neighbouring leader that went along the lines of...

Malcolm: I gave a new scout a billy filled with water and asked him to put it on the fire - a fire that I had lovingly prepared for the scouts to cook their breakfast on. When I returned a few minutes later I was confronted with a steaming mass of charred embers. "I didn't mean pour the water on the fire you clot, you're supposed to be boiling the water so that we can all have a cup of tea!"

Me: Er, what's a billy? I thought he was a friend of mine.

Malcolm: Billy can. A metal can for cooking stuff in.

Me: Oh. It could have been worse...

As the scout was pulled burning hot

From the flames, Skip screamed, "You big clot!

When I said, you prize willy,

"On the fire put the billy,"

I meant not the child but the pot!"

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