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Rochester Cathedral mini-golf £1,000 challenge

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

As a King's Rochester pupil back in the day I spent every Friday assembly in Rochester Cathedral wondering the best use for the nave with the chairs removed. By the time I left I had decided that a giant slide would be an excellent addition. There is a ledge high up above the west door and beneath the magnificent stained-glass window from which to start the perilous journey down and along the nave and possibly through the little arch that leads to the chancel. (For those that consider such a suggestion sacrilegious I would gently point out that this is nothing new in respect of this particular cathedral for there was a time in its long history when it was considered a place of ill repute. Writing in his diaries, Samuel Pepys suggests that the west door be covered in the "skins of the Danes" and later described it as a "shabby place.") Many years later I find that I am not alone in pondering on alternative, or additional, uses and today found me back in the magnificent Rochester Cathedral trying out the (free) nine-hole, par 2, mini golf that has sprung up in the nave where every hole includes a replica of mostly local bridges. A putter and ball were thrust into my hand and off I went. My score was bobbing along quite happily at 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 until I reached the 6th. This is a left and left again hole with the QEII bridge in the middle. And a par 2. Really? Is that possible? I scored a 3 and 20 overall although I understand that the record is 19. I reckon the lowest score would be 14.

So here's my challenge - be the first to score a 2 on the 6th and receive £1,000. £500 for you and £500 for the cathedral. But hurry - you only have until 1st September!


1. Only use cathedral putter and ball.

2. Ball must start on the grey dot.

3. Ball must go over the bridge.

4. Ball must stay on the fairway.

5. Hole has to be part of a nine-hole round.

6. Successful attempt must be filmed. (Email video to

Good luck!

The 6th hole is the white bridge on the right

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